Hilti HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System for Masonry Applications

September 7th, 2012

Hilti HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring SystemDue to the wide range of available products, we sometimes field questions from customers wondering which Hilti Adhesive Anchoring System works best for hollow brick, multi-wythe brick walls, and grout-filled block.  Instead of keeping multiple Hilti Adhesive Anchoring Products on hand to attach fences, awnings and signs to masonry facades or walls, or pipe, cable tray, and fixtures to masonry base material, contractors can now rely on the Hilti HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System for all these jobs and more.  Simply put, HY-70 can solve all of your masonry anchoring needs.

The new and improved HY 70 adhesive formula replaces Hilti HIT HY 20 and cures in only 45 minutes at 70˚F, which means less down time and greater contractor productivity.  HY 70 dispenses easily in cold weather, making it an excellent year round anchoring system solution.  HY 70 performs reliably where the quality of brick and mortar is inconsistent, or the size and location of voids is unknown.  This masonry adhesive is an excellent solution to multi-wythe anchoring problems in renovation and seismic upgrades of unreinforced masonry buildings.

When used in hollow masonry applications, the cap on the composite sleeve acts as a centering ring allowing better rod placement and providing uniform adhesive dispersion for a better keying effect. Contractors can also remove the cap and snap the provided composite sleeves together to achieve various embedment depths.

Ohio Service Supply carries a complete line of Hilti Adhesive Anchoring Systems for a wide range of projects and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific application.  To learn more about this new masonry adhesive, to place an order, or for pricing information on the HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System, contact the Hilti application experts at Ohio Service Supply.