With Hilti combi hammers,  you will be operating a comfortable tool for heavy duty drilling and chiseling. 6 available combihammers feature the best power to weight ratio in its class results in excellent productivity. Hilti ATC (Active Torque Control) available in some units reduce the likelihood of twisting if drill bit catches to help minimize risk of injury. Models include: TE 50 Combihammer, TE 60 Combi hammer, TE 60-ATC-AVR Combihammer, TE 70 Combihammer, TE 70-ATC Combihammer and TE 80-ATC-AVR Combihammer. Confused about which combihammer is best for your application? We can help with features & benefits, applications or technical documents. Just call or click to ask us a tech question.

Hilti Combihammers Product

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